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Questions 1-6  Listen from here

Watch the video and choose A, B, C, or D for each of the questions.

  1. What happens when we listen to music?

A Certain areas of the brain start working

B Work for just a second while we are listening

C There is simultaneous activity in many areas of the brain

D Different areas work at intervals to process melody, rhytm, etc


  1. Which areas of our brain are involved when playing a musical instrument?

A Visual, motor and cerebral cortices

B Motor, cerebral and auditory cortices

C Visual, auditory, and motor cortices 

D Cerebral, motor and fine motor cortices


  1. What’s the left hemisphere involved in?

A Precision skills like Maths and Language

B Fine motor skills

C Creativity

D Dancing and tapping skills


  1. What’s the bridge between the two brain hemispheres called?

A Corpum callum

B Coopco coolism

C Capum cullim

D Corpus callosum


  1. How do musicians improve their memory skills?

A By  bringing them to life more quickly

B By assigning multiple tags to their memories

C By linking them through cognitive analysis

D By showing them through music


  1. What have scientists found?

A Playing a music instrument enhance brain functions more than other activities

B Musicians and Sports players have the same cognitive abilities

C All artists have enhanced cognitive abilities

D All of the above

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