Question Pallete

Questions 1-5  Listen from here

Watch the video and answer the questions below.
Choose the correct letter A, B, C or D.
Write your answer in box 1-5 on your answer sheet.
1. Near all of 100 elderly people in a study said that____
A They never took risks    
B They regretted about the things they did not do
C  They regretted about the things they did 
D They never dreamed much
2. Which is more dangerous for a plane?
A On the ground
B In the air
C In the sea
D Not mention
3. What is the name of the thief in our mind?
A Murder
B Dream
C Doubt
D Night
4. Struggle and criticisms are prerequisites for ____
A Success
B Failure
C Greatness
D Pain
5. We have been give a gift that we call ____
A Dream
B Life
C Love
D Money

---End of the Test---

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