Question Pallete

Questions 1-2  Listen from here

Watch the video and choose TWO letters for each answer.

Which TWO people are heroes for Mr St John?

A a religious person

B a politician

C a sports person

D an IT genius


Questions 3-4  Listen from here

Which TWO things has he done in his life that he is proud of?

A won an acting award

B won communications awards

C Been at the top of a mountain

D Sailed a boat in Antartica

Questions 5-6  Listen from here

Which TWO of these professionals has he interviews for his success project?

A Actors

B Publicists

C Amateur writers

D Astronauts

Questions 7-8  Listen from here

Which TWO of these traits does his include in his list of 8 to be great?

A Service work

B Ambitions

C A good mentor

D Self improvement

---End of the Test---

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