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Complete the notes below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.


Four business values

Many business values can result in 1

Senior managers need to understand and deal with the potential 2 that may result.



During a training course, the speaker was in a team that had to build a 3

Other teams experienced 4 from trying to collaborate.

The speaker's team won because they, reduced collaboration.

Sales of a 5 were poor because of collaboration.



Hard work may be a bad use of various company 6

The word 'lazy' in this context refers to people who avoid doing tasks that are 7



An advertising campaign for a 8 was memorable but failed to boost sales.

Creativity should be used as a response to a particular 9



According to one study, on average, pioneers had a 10 that was far higher than that of followers.

Companies that always aim at excellence may miss opportunities.


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