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The effects of environmental change on birds

Mercury (Hg)

• Highly toxic

• Released into the atmosphere from coal

• In water it may be consumed by fish

• It has also recently been found to affect birds which feed on 1

Research on effects of mercury or binds

• Claire Varian-Ramos is investigating

-    the effects on birds’ 2  or mental processes, e.g. memory

-    the effects on bird song (usually learned from a bird’s 3  )

• Findings:

-    songs learned by birds exposed to mercury are less 4

-    this may have a negative effect on birds’ 5

• Lab-based studies:

-    allow more 6  for the experimenter

Implications for humans

• Migrating birds such as 7  containing mercury may be eaten by humans

• Mercury also causes problems in learning 8

• Mercury in a mother’s body from 9  may affect the unborn child

• New regulations for mercury emissions will affect everyone’s energy 10


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