Question Pallete

Question 11-15

Choose the correct letter, A,B or c

Driving license in UK

11. What is the basic requirement for applying for a UK driving licence?

A a medical report.

B a valid licence from another country.

C  Current residency in the UK.

12. What is true about the translation of original licences?

A Applicants need to go to a recognised organisation.

B It is not always necessary for foreigners when applying for a UK licence.

C Applicants need to pay an extra fee for translation services.

13. When applying for a UK licence, which type of photos will NOT be approved?

A Photos in which the applicant is wearing glasses.

B Photos with a cream background.

C Photos that are undersized.

14. What does the speaker think of the licence checking service?

A The process is too slow.

B The application form is confusing.

C Some of the steps are unnecessary.

15. What does the speaker recommend about making an application?

A Choosing a quiet location.

B Visiting the nearest branch.

C Completing the forms online.

Question 16-20

What is the current feature of traffic management in each of the following cities

Write the correct letter, A-H, next to Question 16-20 


A good singnage

B multiple access roads

C police control points

D ring roads

E one- way streets

F Effective traffic lights

G Additional lanes

H Pedestrianised areas


6 London 

7  Edinburgh 

8  Cardiff 

9 Manchester 

10 Oxford 

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