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Aboriginal Textile Design

Ernabella Arts Centre

  • Artists produce craft and learn new techniques
  • Initially, artists produced rugs made from 1
  • Later artists made batik and screen-printed fabrics

Tiwi Designs

  • Early designs included 2 images
  • Designs are linked to traditional beliefs, e.g. some designs are believed to bring 3

Jimmy Pike

  • Inspired by the Australian landscape, especially the 4
  • Started creating art when he was in 5
  • His textiles were used to make 6

Bronwyn Bancroft

  • Her work is a modern look at 7 and nature
  • 1995 - painted a successful Aboriginal athlete's jeans with lizards and a 8
  • 2001 - designed a 'Journey of a Nation' parade outfit with part of a 9 on it

Copyright Issues

  • Exploiting Aboriginal imagery affects the artists and the cultural group,

e.g. 'The 10 Case'

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