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Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

The Mangrove Regeneration Project

Mangrove forests:

  • protect coastal areas from 1 by the sea
  • are an important habitat for wildlife


  • mangroves had been used by farmers as 2
  • mangroves were poisoned by the use of 3
  • local people used the mangroves as a place to put their 4

Actions taken to protect the mangroves:

  • a barrier which was made of 5 was constructed - but it failed
  • new mangroves had to be grown from seed
  • the seeds of the 6 mangrove were used

First set of seedlings:

  • kept in small pots in a 7
  • Watered with 8 water
  • planted out on south side of a small island
  • at risk from the large 9 population

Second set of seedlings:

  • planted in the seabed near established mangrove roots
  • the young plants were destroyed in a 10


The first set of seedlings was successful

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