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Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

Nanotechnology and Its Applications

About Nanotechnology

  • It is a study on the scale of nanometre
  • The development in nanotechnology is the result of a new type of 1
  • People are worried that nanotech products are 2

Food and household

  • The availability of 3 in our diet ( e.g in potatoes) is great improved
  • The packaging cost 4 is particularly reduced
  • Nanotechnology can increase the 5 of food.
  • Nanotechnology can be used to make new types of furniture.


  • The efficiency of 6 is increased

Health and medicine

  • Nanotubes allow more 7 to enter veins
  • As the most popular material, 8 is used to kill bacteria
  • Nanotechnology is also helpful in 9 loss program


  • Nanoparticles protect skin from the 10 an help to improve the ability against


  • Nanotechnology helps to deliver effective elements to the skin.

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