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Research on birds in Australia

The study Cunningham in 1995

It aimed to study birds which were 1  in cities

  • Methodology
  • Researchers were able to 2 rather than count the number of birds by some methods, such as random sampling.
  • Researchs studied bird’s companionship habits using a 3 system.
  • Research attached tags to birds’s legs to identify their 4 over time.
  • Findings
  • Birds tended to choose the same nesting site in which they were raised
  • Human activities such 5 Had a negative effect on the reproduction of birds
  • Measures taken by local organisation:
  • To increase birds’ rate of 6 in various ways
  • To reduce the dangers caused by 7 farms, e.g.., colliding with turbines
  • The study by Conway in 2006
  • Researchers monitored the 8 of birds’ nocturnal callings during flight
  • 9 were taken to listion to birds’sounds
  • Data could be collected through noise derection devices placed at a great 10

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