Question Pallete

Questions 1-4  Listen from here

Circle the appropriate letter.


The student is looking for the School of

A Fine Arts.

B Economic History.

C Economics.

D Accountancy.

1    The orientation meeting

A    took place recently.

B    took place last term.

C    will take place tomorrow.

D    will take place next week.


2    Attendance at lectures is

A    optional after 4 pm.

B    closely monitored.

C    difficult to enforce.

D    sometimes unnecessary.


3    Tutorials take place

A    every morning.

B    twice a week.

C    three mornings a week.

D    three afternoons a week.


4    The lecturer’s name is

A    Roberts.

B    Rawson.

C    Rogers.

D    Robertson.

Questions 5-10  Listen from here

Complete the notes below using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS

Course requirements

Tutorial paper:

  • A piece of work on a given topic. Students must:
  • 5 for 25 minutes
  • 6
  • give to lecturer for marking

Essay topic:

  • Ussually 7

Type of exams:

  • 8


  • Important books are in 9

Focus of course:

  • Focus on 10


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