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Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

Ocean Biodiversity

Biodiversity hotspots

•    areas containing many different species

•    important for locating targets for 1

•    at first only identified on land

Boris Worm, 2005

•    identified hotspots for large ocean predators, e.g. sharks

•    found that ocean hotspots:

- were not always rich in 2

- had higher temperatures at the 3

- had sufficient 4 in the water

Lisa Ballance, 2007

•    looked for hotspots for marine 5

•    found these were all located where ocean currents meet

Census of Marine Life

•    found new ocean species living:

- under the 6

- near volcanoes on the ocean floor

Global Marine Species Assessment

•    want to list endangered ocean species, considering:

- population size

- geographical distribution 

- rate of 7

•    Aim: to assess 20,000 species and make a distribution 8 for each one

Recommendations to retain ocean biodiversity

•    increase the number of ocean reserves

•    establish 9 corridors (e.g. for turtles)

•    reduce fishing quotas

•    catch fish only for the purpose of 10

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