Question Pallete

Questions 1-6  Listen from here

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Free activities in the Burnham area


The caller wants to find out about events on

A 27 June.

B 28 June.

C 29 June.


1    The ‘Family Welcome’ event in the art gallery begins at

A 10 am.

B 10.30 am.

C 2 pm.


2    The film that is now shown in the ‘Family Welcome’ event is about

A sculpture.

B painting.

C ceramics.


3    When do most of the free concerts take place?

A in the morning

B at lunchtime 

C in the evening


4    Where will the 4 pm concert of Latin American music take place?

A    in    a museum

B    in    a theatre

C    in    a library


5    The    boat race begins at

A Summer Pool.

B  Charlesworth Bridge.

C  Offord Marina.


6    One of the boat race teams

A won a regional competition earlier this year.

B has represented the region in a national competition.

C has won several regional competitions.

Questions 7-10  Listen from here

Complete the sentences below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

Paxton Nature Reserve

7    Paxton is a good place for seeing rare  all year round.

8    This is a particularly good time for seeing certain unusual

9    Visitors will be able to learn about  and then collect some.

10    Part of the  has been made suitable for swimming.

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