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The use of soil to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere 

Rattan Lal:

•    Claims that 13% of C02 in the atmosphere could be absorbed by agricultural soils

•    Erosion is more likely in soil that is 1

•    Lal found soil in Africa that was very 2

•    It was suggested that carbon from soil was entering the atmosphere

Soil and carbon:

•    plants turn C02 from the air into carbon-based substances such as 3

•    some C02 moves from the 4  of plants to microbes in the soil

•    carbon was lost from the soil when agriculture was invented

Regenerative agriculture:

•    uses established practices to make sure soil remains fertile and 5

•    e.g. through year-round planting and increasing the 6  plants that are grown

California study:

•    taking place on a big 7  farm

•    uses compost made from waste from agriculture and 8

Australia study:

•    aims to increase soil carbon by using 9  that are always green

Future developments may include:

•    reducing the amount of fertilizer used in farming

•    giving farmers 10  for carbon storage, as well as their produce


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