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Questions 1-5  Listen from here

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.


1.   Why did a port originally develop at Manham?

A It was safe from enemy attack.

B It was convenient for river transport.

C It had a good position on the sea coast.


2.   What caused Manham’s sudden expansion during the Industrial Revolution?

A the improvement in mining techniques

B the increase in demand for metals

C the discovery of tin in the area


3.   Why did rocks have to be sent away from Manham to be processed?

A shortage of fuel

B poor transport systems

C lack of skills among local people


4.   What happened when the port declined in the twentieth century?

A The workers went away.

B Traditional skills were lost.

C Buildings were used for new purposes.


5.   What did the Manham Trust hope to do?

A discover the location of the original port

B provide jobs for the unemployed

C rebuild the port complex

Questions 6-10  Listen from here

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.


Tourist attractions in Manham


Features and activities


copper mine

specially adapted miners’ 6 take visitors into

the mountain

the mine is 7  and enclosed - unsuitable for children and animals

village school

classrooms and a special exhibition of 8

a 9 is recommended

The George’ (old sailing ship)

the ship’s wheel (was lost but has now been restored)

children shouldn’t use the 10

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