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Researching the origin of medieval manuscripts


  •        Medieval manuscripts - handwritten books produced between the fifth and fifteenth centuries
  •        Origin of many manuscripts unknown until 2009; scientists started using DNA testing

Animal hides - two types


Sheep skin: white in colour and 1

Greasy - writing can’t be erased so often used for 2


Calf skin: most popular for prestigious work because you can get 3  lettering.

Preparation of hides

  •        Treated in barrels of lime - where this was not available, skins were 4  (removed hair -> more flexible)
  •        Stretched tight on a frame
  •        Scraped to create same 5
  •        Vellum was 6

Genetic testing - finding origins

Previously - analysed handwriting and 7  used by the writer

Now - using genetic data from ‘known manuscripts’ to create a 8

Uses of new data

Gives information on individual books

Shows the 9  of the book industry

Helps define 10  in medieval period


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