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You will hear a postgraduate psychology student talking to other students about a job-satisfaction study he has investigated.

Complete the sentences below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Job satisfaction study

1     Workers involved in the study were employed at a

2     Despite some apparent differences between groups of workers, the survey results were statistically

3     The speaker analysed the study's  to identify any problems with it.

4     The various sub-groups were 4 in size.

5     Workers in the part-time group were mainly

6     The  of workers who agreed to take part in the study was disappointing.

7     Researchers were unable to  the circumstances in which workers filled out the questionnaire.

8     In future, the overall size of the  should be increased.

9     In future studies, workers should be prevented from having discussions with  

10     Workers should be reassured that their responses to questions are      

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