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Questions 1-5  Listen from here

You will hear a woman called Phoebe, who is training to be a teacher, talking to her tutor, called Tony, about research she has done in a school.

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Research project on attitudes towards study

1    Phoebe’s main reason for choosing her topic was that

A her classmates had been very interested in it.

B it would help prepare her for her first teaching post.

C she had been inspired by a particular book.


2    Phoebe’s main research question related to

A the effect of teacher discipline.

B the variety of learning activities.

C levels of pupil confidence.


3    Phoebe was most surprised by her finding that

A gender did not influence behaviour significantly.

B girls were more negative about school than boys.

C boys were more talkative than girls in class.


4    Regarding teaching, Phoebe says she has learned that

A teachers should be flexible in their lesson planning.

B brighter children learn from supporting weaker ones.

C children vary from each other in unpredictable ways.


5    Tony is particularly impressed by Phoebe’s ability to

A recognise the limitations of such small-scale research.

B reflect on her own research experience in an interesting way.

C design her research in such a way as to minimise difficulties.

Questions 6-10  Listen from here

What did Phoebe find difficult about the different research techniques she used?

Choose FIVE answers from the box and write the correct letter A-G, next to questions 6-10.



A Obtaining permission

B Deciding on a suitable focus

C Concentrating while gathering data

D Working collaboratively

E Processing data she had gathered

F Finding a suitable time to conduct the research

G Getting hold of suitable equipment

Research techniques

6    Observing lessons

7    Interviewing teachers

8    Interviewing pupils

9    Using questionnaires

10    Taking photographs


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