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1. What is American Idol?

A A game show on TV

B A reality TV show

C A live dancing competition

D A popular entertainment festival


2.  What is the difference between American Idol and the other TV shows?

A Nobody ever watched regular TV shows.

B Regular TV shows were more expensive to make.

C Regular TV' shows did not appear on ABC.

D Regular TV shows were not ordinary. 


3.   In what order do the following happen?

A Hollywood round, live TV, judges' opinion, audience voting

B Judges' opinion, Hollywood round, live TV, audience voting

C Hollywood round, judges’ opinion, live TV, audience voting

D Hollywood round, live TV, audience voting, judges' opinion


4.   What can be inferred about the competition?

A The competition can give momentum to career development.

B The winner gets an award and prize money.

C The audience decides who gets on to the final round.

D Each contestant has more than 20 percent chance of winning the competition 


5.   What kind of record does the first idol winner make?

A Rock

B Jazz

C Soul

D Country


6.   What is NOT mentioned about the judges?

A They were not in favor of using cameras.

B Their opinion is divided.

C  Each judge evaluates the contestants in a different way. 

D Each is distinguished in his or her own field.

Questions 7-8  Listen from here

Why was American Idol so successful?

Choose TWO answers.

A It was cheap to make.

B It did not use regular television stars.

C It had a lot of singing in it.

D It had very famous writers.

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