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Questions 1-6  Listen from here

Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C.


1.  What is the defining characteristic of a specialised course?

A Taking a proficiency exam

B Attending the class frequently

C Compulsory and regular

2.  The Microbiology courses are available for

A full-time and flexible-time students.

B Microbiology students only.

C students on a flexible schedule.

3.  The Biology courses are available for

A all students.

B full-time students only.

C freshmen only.

4.  Who are interested in Microbiology courses?

A People who need work experience

B People from off-campus

C People who work at hospital

5.   A Medical Science course will be opened next year because

A there are no experimental facilities.

B the lab equipment is too expensive.

C the building is damaged.

6.   Which is the quickest increasing subject in enrolment?

A Medical Science

B Statistics 

C Environmental Science

Questions7-9  Listen from here

Choose THREE letters, A-G, and write each next to questions 7-9.

Which THREE compulsory courses must be taken?

A Medical Science

B Computing

C Mathematics

D Laboratory Techniques

E Statistics

F Medicine

G Environmental Science

Questions 10  Listen from here

Complete the sentence below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for the answer.

10.         There are three full scholarships that cover tuition and provide $1,500 cash as a

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