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Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.


Cruise on a lake


•    Travel on an old.........steamship.........

•    Can take photos of the 1 that surround the lake

Farm visit

•    Children can help feed the sheep

•    Visit can include a 40-minute ride on a 2

•    Visitors can walk in the farm’s 3 by the lake

•    4 is available at extra cost

Cycling trips

•    Cyclists explore the Back Road

•    A 5 is provided

•    Only suitable for cyclists who have some 6

- Bikes can be hired from 7 (near the Cruise Ship Terminal)

•    Cyclists need:

- a repair kit

- food and drink

- a 8 (can be hired)

•    There are no 9 or accommodation in the area


•    Total cost for whole family of cruise and farm visit: 10 $


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