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Noise in Cities

Past research focused on noise level (measured in decibels) and people’s responses.

Noise ‘maps’

•    show that the highest noise levels are usually found on roads

•    do not show other sources of noise, e.g. when windows are open or people’s neighbours are in their 1

•    ignore variations in people’s perceptions of noise

•    have made people realize that the noise is a 2  issue that must be dealt with

Problems caused by noise

•    sleep disturbance

•    increase in amount of stress

•    effect on the 3  of schoolchildren

Different types of noise

Some noises can be considered pleasant e.g. the sound of a 4  in a town

To investigate this, researchers may use methods from 5  sciences e.g. questionnaires

What people want

Plenty of activity in urban environments which are 6 , but also allow people to relax

But architects and town planners

•    do not get much 7  in acoustics

•    regard sound as the responsibility of engineers

Understanding sound as an art form

We need to know

•    how sound relates to 8

•    what can be learnt from psychology about the effects of sound

•    whether physics can help us understand the 9  of sound

Virtual reality programs

•    advantage: predict the effect of buildings

•    current disadvantage: they are 10



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