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The Early History of Salt


  • Salt is essential for human 1

Ancient Rome

  •     The word 2 comes from the Latin word’s solarium argetum, which was used to describe the payment to Roman soldiers.

Ancient Sweden

  •     Animals were kept in the local 3 at the right time of year.
  •     Fresh meat was only available in 4
  •     Salt has been used widely: we can tell from the diet of the 5 in Sweden.
  •     6 Consumption increased rapidly because the food was much too salty.

Salt source

  •     People mainly extract salt from oceans and 7 in the basins.
  •     Salt from spring water is more 8 and purer compared to that from sea water 

Salt distribution

  •     In ancient Sweden

-      Locals needed to protect the 9   by which they imported salt. 

  •     In other ancient countries

-      People carrying salt around were seen as a natural means of 10

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