Question Pallete

Questions 1-2

Choose TWO letters, A-E

Which two problems are caused by water hyacinth?

A plants and fish are poisoned

B Farmers cannot fish

C the dam’s structure is damaged

D Electricity production is affected.

E electricity production is affected.

Questions 3-6

Choose the correct letter, A. B or C.

3 Where was water hyacinth originally from?

A latin America

B Africa

C Europe

4 What is the primary cause of the decrease in nutrients from the soil?

A soil erosion

B a change of rainfall

C loss or trees

5 When will the biological solution bring risks to the environment?

A immediately

B 6 months later

C many years later

6 What does John say about the mechanical solution?

A ineffective

B dangerous

C expensive

Question 7-10

What is the benefit of the cut down water hyacinth to each of the following aspects?

Choose Four answers from the box an write the correct letter, A-F next to Questions 7-10

Benefits of the cut-down water hyacinth

A can reduce the effect of global warming

B can be used an alternative energy resource

C can make quick profits

D can produce materials for plants to grow in

E can be good for human health

F can produce fertilizer

7 dried water hyacinth 

8 mushroom farmers   

9 oyster and straw mushrooms

10 cows                                   

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