Question Pallete

Questions 1-2  Listen from here

Choose the appropriate letter A,B,C or D.

1    The speaker works within the Faculty of

A    Science and Technology.

B    Arts and Social Sciences.

C    Architecture.

D    Law.


2    The Faculty consists firstly of

A subjects.

B degrees.

C divisions.

D departments.



Questions 3-5  Listen from here

Complete the notes write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

The subjects taken in the first semester in this course are psychology, sociology, history and 3 .
Students may have problems with 4 and 5 .

Questions 6-10  Listen from here

Choose the appropriate letter.

6    The speaker says students can visit her

A    every morning.

B    some mornings.

C    mornings only.

D    Friday morning.


7    According to the speaker, a tutorial

A     is a type of lecture.

B     is less important than a lecture.

C     provides a chance to share views.

D     provides an alternative to groupwork.


8    When writing essays, the speaker advises the students to

A     research their work well.

B     name the books they have read.

C     share work with their friends.

D     avoid using other writers’ ideas.


9    The speaker thinks that plagiarism is

A     a common problem.

B     an acceptable risk.

C     a minor concern.

D     a serious offence.


10    The speaker’s aims are to

A     introduce students to university expectations.

B     introduce students to the members of staff.

C     warn students about the difficulties of studying.

D     guide students round the university.



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