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Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

Engineering for sustainable development

The Greenhouse Project (Himalayan mountain region)


  •        Short growing season because of high altitude and low 1
  •        Fresh vegetables imported by lorry or by 2 , so are expensive
  •        Need to use sunlight to prevent local plants from 3
  •        Previous programmes to provide greenhouses were 4

New greenhouse

Meets criteria for sustainability

  •        Simple and 5  to build
  •        Made mainly from local materials (mud or stone for the walls, wood and 6  for the roof)
  •        Building and maintenance done by local craftsmen
  •        Puns solely on 7  energy
  •        Only families who have a suitable 8  can own one


  •        Long side faces south
  •        Strong polythene cover
  •        Inner 9  are painted black or white

Social benefits

  •        Owners’ status is improved
  •        Rural 10  have greater opportunities
  •        More children are educated

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