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Mini-ieltsThe Tawny Owl

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Complete the notes below.

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The Tawny Owl

Most 1 owl species in UK

Strongly nocturnal


Mainly lives in 2 , but can also be seen in urban areas, e.g. parks.


  •   Short wings and 3 , for navigation
  •   Brown and 4 feathers, for camouflage
  •   Large eyes (more effective than those of 5 ), for good night vision
  •   Very good spatial 6 for predicting where prey might be found
  •   Excellent 7 , for locating prey from a perch


Main food is small mammals.

Owls in urban areas eat more 8


Two thirds of young owls die within a 9

Owls don’t disperse over long distances.

Owls seem to dislike flying over large areas of 10


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