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Choose the appropriate answer A, B, C or D.

  1. Where did the strange snow fall?

A England and the USA

B Hungary and Italy

C Italy and England

D All over Europe


  1. What was the strange phenomenon known as?

A The year without summer

B The year of the Famine

C The year the Apocalypse began

D The year of darkness


  1. Which aspect of a supervolcanic eruption makes it the most deadly?

A Earthquakes after the eruption

B Magma destroying everything on its way

C Particles and gases released into the air

D The wind it causes


  1. Which of these create a ‘volcanic winter’?

A the cooling temperatures

B Ash and particles blocking out sunlight

C Sulfur dioxide reacting in the stratosphere

D All of the above


  1. Where is a volcanic Caldera nowadays?

A Yellowstone National Park

B Mount Vesubio

C Russia

D The Minx Dynasty


  1. Which would be the most devastating effect of another supervolcano?

A we won’t be able to build cannals

B Acid rain

C vegetation would die

D we would have nowhere to run

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