Solution for: The Week's Best

Answer Table

1. D 5. E
2. F 6. D OR G
3. C OR E 7. A
4. G

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Exam Review

The Week's Best

Wild Rose

(Tuesday 19.00)
This TV drama is about a young private detective employed by a team of New York businessmen who send her to Brazil to look into a series of hotel robberies. When she gets there, she discovers that the hotels, which are owned by the businessmen, have been empty for the last two years and the local authorities have no record of any robberies.

Animal Planet

(Wednesday 23.00)
This is a classic black-and-white film from the forties in which astronaut Charlie Huston crash-lands on a planet ruled entirely by animals. It is a first-class suspense adventure which also looks at the human condition, although this is not always a successful part of the film.

Strange Encounter

(Saturday 21.00)
Suspense is skilfully built up in this clever, small-scale supernatural story. A young couple view a deserted old house that they are interested in buying. They meet a strange old lady who tells them of the mystical powers of the house and haw previous owners have been able to travel back through the centuries to meet their ancestors.

The Longest Walk

(Tuesday 21.30)
Ffyona Campbell is nearly there.
  All she has to do now is walk the length of France and Britain and she has succeeded in walking around the world. Tonight she drinks coffee in a tent and tells her story to Janet Street-Porter before she sets off for the Pyrenees mountains.

Rubicon 5

(Thursday 20.30)
This is a TV film being used to launch a new science fiction series. It has impressive special effects and a strong, believable cast of characters who travel to the twenty-third century. The action takes place in underground cities where the environment is controlled by computers.

New Science

(Friday 19.30)
This popular half-hour science magazine continues into its twenty-ninth year, proving itself to be a hardy survivor in the television world. Tonight it is presented by Carol Vorderman who introduces five reports, which include computer-driven cars and in-flight ten-pin bowling.

There and Back Again

(Sunday 22.00)
Paul Theroux's account of his recent journey from London to Japan and back makes ideal material for this evening's travel slot.
Based on his own novel, the progress of his journey on the railways of Europe and Asia (Victoria station, Paris, Istanbul...) acts as a fascinating travelogue as the inhabitants gradually shift from the West to the East.

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Questions 1-7

Look at the seven television programmes A-G on the given page and answer Questions 1-7.

For which programme are the following statements true?

Write the correct letter A-G in boxes 1-7 on your answer sheet.

NB You may use any letter more than once.

1   This programme is in the form of a personal interview.
Answer: D    Locate 
2   This programme is a documentary about technological developments.
Answer: F    Locate
3 This programme is about time travel.  
Answer: C OR E    Locate
4 This programme is taken from a book.  
Answer: G    Locate
5 This film is the introduction to a set of programmes.  
Answer: E    Locate
6 This programme is about present-day travellers.  
Answer: D OR G    Locate
7 This programme is about investigating a possible crime.  
Answer: A    Locate

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