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Cube Houses

Background Information

  • After World War II, local urban planners wanted to redevelop and revive the city.
  • Altogether, the Cube Houses can function as a 1
  • Each Cube building is in the shape of a 2
  • The Cube Houses sit on top of a 3 for pedestrians to the central city.
  • During construction, the work was temporarily discontinued because the designer faced the problem of 4

Design Features of the Cube Houses.

  • Underneath the houses, there are three pillars made of 5
  • A new building is situated between a warehouse and a 6 , of architecture.
  • It is a three- storey building.
  • The ground floor is an entrance
  • Both the lower level and the top level of each house are in the shape of a 7
  • The first floor has a living room and an open kitchen.
  • The medium level has a bathroom and two bedrooms
  • The top floor is sometimes used as a small 8

Living in the Cube Houses

  • There is a nearby market 9 across the square from the Cube Houses.
  • For guests, two advantages of the house are its convenient 10 and reasonable price.

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