Solution for: Car for sale

Answer Table

1. grey/gray 6. tax
2. 62,000 7. tyre
3. teacher 8. headlight
4. shopping 9. Thursday
5. 1,100 10. London

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Exam Review

Car for sale

Hello, Brian Parks speaking.

Oh hello, I’m calling about the advert in the paper ...

For the car?

Er, yes, the Mini you’ve got advertised for sale.

Oh yes?

I just wanted to find out a bit more information.

Of course, what would you like to know?

It’s my brother who’s interested actually ... but he’s not in today so he asked me to call you. Fine ...

Great, thanks. So it’s a Mini ...


... and how old is it?

Just coming up to thirteen years old.

And I seem to remember from the ad that it’s grey?

That’s it ... doesn’t show the dirt!

Absolutely ... anyway the colour shouldn’t be a problem for Jeff, you know, the important thing is the quality ...

Yes, of course.

And what about mileage ... with it being pretty old it’s probably over a hundred thousand?

Actually it’s forty thousand less than that ... sixty-two thousand on the clock!

Great! I remember now ... I’m confusing it with another ad I was looking at.

Right ... pleasant surprise then.

Yeah. Have you been the only owner ... or was there a previous one ... ?

I’m the second one. Before it was owned by a teacher ... who was a very careful driver - didn’t have any accidents.

Woman:     Very good. And what about you ... what do you tend to use it for?

Man:           I haven’t used it all that much ... mostly for shopping ... you know the sort of thing.

Woman:     So not much wear and tear. I’ll make a note of that. I know Jeff wanted me to check that.

Man:           Right.

Woman:     Now about the price, I see you’ve got it down as one thousand, two hundred and fifty pounds. I’m not sure Jeff’ll be able to come up with that amount.

Man:           In the ad I did say one thousand, two hundred and fifty or nearest offer ...

Woman:     So would you be prepared to go down to one thousand?

Man:           That’s really too low, I’m afraid.

Woman:     One thousand, one hundred?

Man:           I might be able to go to that.

Woman:     OK I’ll make a note of that. What about tax? Is it due soon?

Man:           Got another five months before it’s due ...

Woman:     Oh, that’s a real plus, yes. I’ll make a note of that ...

Man:           OK.

Woman:     Now, you say it’s in good condition.

Man:           For its age, I’d say yes, definitely. It’s just been serviced and there were no major problems.

Woman:     Major ... ?

Man:           I’d be able to show you the service report. The only thing is you’d have to get a new tyre in the near future ... though it’s still OK, you know, it’s certainly absolutely safe, at the moment.

Woman:     OK, fair enough. Yes, I understand.

Man:           And the garage also mentioned that one headlight could probably do with replacing - they think there’s a fault there, you know, intermittent ...

Woman:     Well, we’d obviously look at all the documents ... but that sounds very straightforward.

Man:           Of course. I’ve got all the service documents up-to-date and you can look at those.

Woman:     Well, it all sounds pretty good and I know my brother will be interested. So, would it be possible for him to see the car ... he’s back from his trip tomorrow ... and away tonight, so how about tomorrow?

Man:           ... tomorrow ... Wednesday? I’m afraid that’s not possible. I’m out pretty much all day.

Woman:     Well, Thursday then?

Man:           That’d be fine, yeah.

Woman:     In the morning?

Man:           Yes, that’d suit me perfectly.

Woman:     Great.

Man:           Now, you’ll need my address.

Woman:     Oh yes, of course! What is it?

Man:           It’s number two hundred and thirty-eight,

Woman:     Two-three-eight ...

Man:           London Road.

Woman:     Oh that’s easy enough!

Man:           Yes, very straightforward.

Woman:     So I’ll pass on these notes to Jeff and he’ll see you in a couple ...

Questions 1-10

You will hear a woman talking on the telephone to a man about a car he is selling.

Complete the notes below.

Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD OR A NUMBER for each answer

 Car for sale (Mini)


Age of car: just under 13 years old

Colour: 1
Answer: grey/gray    Locate  Listen from here

Mileage: 2
Answer: 62,000    Locate  Listen from here

Previous owner was a 3
Answer: teacher    Locate  Listen from here

Current owner has used car mainly for 4
Answer: shopping    Locate  Listen from here

Price: may accept offers from 5 £
Answer: 1,100    Locate  Listen from here 

(Note: 6 not due for 5 months)
Answer: tax    Locate  Listen from here

Condition: good (recently serviced)

Will need a new 7 soon
Answer: tyre    Locate  Listen from here

Minor problem with a 8
Answer: headlight    Locate  Listen from here


Agreed to view the car on 9 .
Answer: Thursday    Locate  Listen from here

Address: 238, 10 Road.
Answer: London    Locate  Listen from here



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