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Questions 1-5  Listen from here

You hear a club leader giving information to a group of young people who are planning to do a two-week holiday course at the Tamerton Centre.

Choose the correct answer, A, B or C.

Tamerton Centre

1   The Tamerton Centre was set up in order to encourage people

A  to enjoy being in the countryside.

B to help conserve the countryside.

C to learn more about the countryside.


2    Last year’s group said that the course

A built their self esteem.

B taught them lots of new skills.

C made them fitter and stronger.


3    For the speaker, what’s the most special feature of the course?

A You can choose which activities you do.

B There’s such a wide variety of activities.

C You can become an expert in new activities.


4    The speaker advises people to bring

A their own board games.

B extra table tennis equipment.

C a selection of films on DVD.


5    Bed-time is strictly enforced because

A it’s a way to reduce bad behaviour.

B tiredness can lead to accidents.

C it makes it easy to check everyone’s in.

Questions 6-10  Listen from here

What rules apply to taking different objects to the Centre?

Match each object with the correct rule, A-C.

Write the correct letter, A-C.


6      Electrical equipment 

7      Mobile phone  

8      Sun cream                   

9      Aerosol deodorant 

10      Towel                          


A You MUST take this

B You CAN take this, if you wish

C You must NOT take this


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