New Book Releases

A   This book describes the creativity of Aboriginal people living in the driest parts of Australia. Stunning reproductions of paintings, beautiful photography and informative text.

B   Pocket-sized maps and illustrations with detailed information on the nesting sites and migration patterns of Australia. This is a classic booklet suitable for both beginner and expert.

C   Packed full of information for the avid hiker, this book is a must. Photographs, maps and practical advice will guide your journeys on foot through the forests of the southern continent.

D   More than-an atlas - this book contains maps, photographs and an abundance of information on the land and climate of countries from around the globe.

E   Australia's premier mountain biking guidebook - taking you through a host of national parks and state forests.

F   Here's the A-Z of Australian native animals - take an in-depth look at their lives and characteristics, through fantastic photographs and informative text.

G   Graphic artists have worked with researchers and scientists to illustrate how these prehistoric animals lived and died on the Australian continent.

H   A definitive handbook on outdoor safety - with a specific focus on equipment, nutrition, first aid, special clothing and bush skills.

I   Detailed guides to 15 scenic car tours that will take you onto fascinating wilderness tracks and along routes that you could otherwise have missed.

Questions 1-7

The list of New Book Releases on the following page has nine book descriptions A-I.

Choose the correct title for each book from the list of book titles below.

Write the correct number i-xi in boxes 8-14 on your answer sheet.

List of Book Titles
i Field Guide to Native Birds of Australia
ii The Bush on Two Wheels: 100 Top Rides
iii Bush Foods of Australian Aborigines
iv A Pictorial History of the Dinosaur in Australia
v Bushwalking in Australia
vi World Geographica
vii Driving Adventures for 4-wheel-drive Vehicles
viii Survival Techniques in the Wild
ix Encyclopaedia of Australian Wildlife
x Guide to the Art of the Australian Desert
xi Field Guide to Animals of the World


8 Book A  
9 Book B
10 Book C
Example Book D vi
11 Book E
12 Book F
13 Book G
14 Book H
Example Book I vii

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