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Answer Table

1. A 3. B
2. C

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Exam Review

Directions on a map

Speaker 1: Oh, you want the south side of the campus, and where we are now at the dance studio is the north end. The best thing is to take the footpath from here to the road. The labs will be right in front of you when you get there. Then go to the crossroads and turn left and go down to the lecture theatre. Then at the junction at the end of that road, you’ll see a footpath leading to the block.

Speaker 2: We’re right next to the admin block, so see the footpath that goes round the side of the lake? Well, go north along that path and then ... you see where it divides? Well, you need to take the left fork. You’ll see the supermarket on your left. The footpath will join the road and then if you turn right, the block will be just along there on your left.

Speaker 3: I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place.

These are the Graphic Design workshops. Um ... what I suggest is that you take the footpath at the back of the workshops, which leads down to the road that you want. Turn right when you get there and follow that road ... go straight across both junctions and just keep going. You’ll see the block on your left.

Questions 1-3

Look at the camplus plan below and listen to three people giving directions.

In each case, which block do the directions lead to?

Choose the correct letter, A-E.

1. Speaker 1 is giving directions to Block
Answer: A    Locate  Listen from here

2. Speaker 2 is giving directions to Block
Answer: C    Locate  Listen from here

3. Speaker 3 is giving directions to Block
Answer: B    Locate  Listen from here

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