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Answer Table

1. C 6. TRUE
2. B 7. FALSE
3. A 8. TRUE

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Legal information on call

What is Dial-A-Law?

Dial-A-Law is a library of pre-recorded messages to provide general information on specific topics of law. You can call this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and listen to any tape from our complete library of pre-recorded messages.
Dial-A-Law provides information, not legal advice. Each legal problem is different so if you have a legal problem you should talk to a solicitor. If you don't have a solicitor, the Legal Referral Service can refer you to a solicitor in your area.
While the Dial-A-Law information service is available 24 hours a day, the Legal Referral Service is open only during normal business hours.

What if I need a solicitor?

If you listen to a Dial-A-Law message after business hours, you can phone the Legal Referral Service during business hours the following day on the number given to you at the end of the message.
If you listen to a Dial-A-Law message during business hours and decide you want a referral to a solicitor, press the appropriate number when prompted and you will be automatically transferred to the Legal Referral Service.
You will be given the names of up to three solicitors in your suburb who practise in the specific area of law you require. You can simply arrange an appointment with one of these solicitors. Then you must contact the Legal Referral Service to obtain a referral letter. You must hand this to the solicitor at the beginning of your interview He or she will give you an initial interview of up to 30 minutes free of charge.

During the interview the solicitor will tell you if you have a legal case, what is involved, approximately how long it should take to solve the problem, and how much it is likely to cost. Then, if you and the solicitor agree, you may hire the solicitor to handle your problem at his or her normal fee.

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Questions 1-4

Read the Reading Passage about a new way to get legal information.
Choose the correct letter A-D for questions 1-4.
Write your answers in boxes 1-4 on the answer sheet.

1.   Dial-A-Law is

A a group of solicitors.
B a law college library.
C a legal telephone service.
D a legal Internet message bank.
Answer: C    Locate

2.   Dial-A-Law will

A give legal counselling.
B inform listeners about particular legal subjects.
C suggest to clients which solicitor they should see.
D supply advice on difficulties concerning the law.
Answer: B    Locate

3.    Dial-A-Law is available to customers

A at any time.
B on weekdays only.
C during business hours.
D for thirty minutes at a time.
Answer: A    Locate

4.   The Legal Referral Service will

A A recommend a legal consultant.
B nominate three solicitors in the client's vicinity.
C choose the best of three solicitors for the client.
D decide whether the client must pay for a legal problem.
Answer: B    Locate

Questions 5-9

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text 'Legal information on call'?

In boxes 5-9 on your answer sheet, write

TRUE         if the statement agrees with the information
FALSE        if the statement contradicts the information
NOT GIVEN if there is no information on this

5 The client can be transferred to a solicitor at any time.
Answer: FALSE    Locate

6 The first consultation with a solicitor is always free.
Answer: TRUE    Locate

7 The client must write ä letter of referral for the solicitor.
Answer: FALSE    Locate

8 The solicitor will advise the client of the expense involved in a legal matter.
Answer: TRUE    Locate

9 The client should take the first solicitor offered.

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