Solution for: Notes for holiday

Answer Table

1. terminal 6. raincoat
2. Pantera 7. shoes
3. east 8. Mountain Lives
4. 07765 328411 9. chocolate
5. hotel 10. calendar

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Exam Review

Notes for holiday

You will hear a woman, called Tanya, talking to her friend, called Simon, who lives abroad. Tanya is planning to visit Simon.


Hi, is that Tanya?

Yes ... Simon ... lovely to hear you! How are you?

Very well ... and we’re so looking forward to seeing you.

So am I.

Now I don’t have a lot of time, I’m afraid, so I wanted to make sure we’ve got all your details. Have you confirmed your flights?

Yes I’m definitely coming on the twenty second of June.

Excellent. Have you got your flight number?

Not with me, I’m afraid, but I promise I’ll email it ... let me make a note of all this.

Yes, do, because one of us’ll try to come and collect you from the airport, if we can. I presume you’ll be coming into Terminal One?

Aggh ... I don’t know ... I’ll have to find out which one it is ...

Yes ... you must ... we don’t want to be waiting at the wrong one!

But hang on ... I’ll be arriving at about lunch time ... and that’ll mean you have to take time off work to pick me up. You really mustn’t do that.

Look ... we’re not all that busy at work and if there’s a problem I can text you when you arrive and you can take a taxi.

OK .

There’s a really good company called Pantera.

Can you spell that?

It’s P-A-N-T-E-R-A. They have a stand at the airport ... you can’t miss it ... and they’re really reliable.

Great, thanks ... how far are you from the airport?

About forty minutes.

And you’re near the city centre, aren’t you?

We’re East of it actually ... don’t tell the driver city centre because you’ll really get caught up in traffic!

Tanya:         OK! And I’ll make sure I carry your address with me. Now have you got my mobile ... um ... cell phone number?

Simon:        Yes, you sent it last month.

Tanya:         But I tell you what ... I don’t think I’ve got yours ... I’d better have it now, just in case.

Simon:        OK ... and I changed it recently anyway. Ready? It’s zero seven seven six five, three two eight, four double one. 

Thanks. Now, what should I pack ... ?

Well, all the usual ... casual clothes mainly. Though you’d better bring an evening dress. We’ll be having at least one fancy dinner at a hotel restaurant.

Now, when you’re coming, unfortunately the weather’s not going to be brilliant.

I know, it’s the rainy season ... I’m bringing an umbrella.

We have tons of those ... so don’t pack one, but pack a raincoat . a good one ‘cause we’ll try and get out for plenty of hikes.

OK, sure. Sounds super ... just what I love. And I’d better remember to pack my sturdy walking shoes.

Excellent idea ... it’s pretty rugged round here ... so they have to be tough!

I can imagine. I’m so looking forward to getting out. Oh Simon, before I forget, you recommended I read a book about your area .


What was the name again? I’d like to read it ... to get an idea of the history, etc.

It’s called ‘Mountain Lives’ and it’s ...

Hang on ... I’m just writing it down ... OK.

... and it’s by Rex Campbell.

Great, I’ll try and get hold of that.

Well worth it.

Now the really important things are gifts.

Oh don’t worry about that . just bring yourself .

I know but I’d like to get something for your parents. What about Janice ... I know she loves English tea.

That’s very kind ... but she’s not drinking so much of that these days. But she’d love some chocolate ... you know her favourite.

Oh yes ... that’d be nice ... I’ll do that. And Alec? Is he still into racing?

Very much so.

I was thinking of bringing a calendar ... you know, with horse-racing pictures.

What a good idea ... he’d love that ...

Great . so that’s about it I think.

Yes, I think so . so you’ll send me your number .

Questions 1-10

Complete the notes below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Notes for holiday

Travel information


Will email the flight number

-   must find out which 1 arriving at
Answer: terminal    Locate  Listen from here

-   best taxi company 2
Answer: Pantera    Locate  Listen from here

-   Note: Simon lives in the 3  of the city
Answer: east    Locate  Listen from here

-   Simon’s cell phone number: 4
Answer: 07765 328411    Locate  Listen from here

What to pack

(to wear)

-   casual clothes

-   one smart dress - to wear at a 5
Answer: hotel    Locate  Listen from here

-   a good 6
Answer: raincoat    Locate  Listen from here

-   tough 7
Answer: shoes    Locate  Listen from here

(to read)

-   try to find book named 8 by Rex Campbell.
Answer: Mountain Lives    Locate  Listen from here

(for presents)

-   for Janice: 9
Answer: chocolate    Locate  Listen from here

-   for Alec: 10 (with racing pictures)
Answer: calendar    Locate  Listen from here


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