Solution for: Pinder’s Animal Park

Answer Table

1. Lamerton 6. food-handling
2. 42 West Lane 7. First Aid
3. 11th June 8. tutor
4. cook 9. 0208 685114
5. equipment 10. color blindness

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Exam Review

Pinder’s Animal Park

Pinder’s Animal Park. Hello?

Oh, hello, I’m ringing to ask whether you have any jobs available...

Ah, what sort of work are you looking for? Is that permanent, or part time or ...

Actually I’m just looking for temporary work. I’m a student.

Oh right. I’ll just get a form, and ask you a few questions. 

Then I’ll pass your application on to our recruitment section. Is that OK?

Fine, thank you.

So, starting with your name .

It’s Jane Lamerton

Is that L-A-double M-E-R-T-O-N?

There’s only one M in it.

Oh, right. And your address?

It’s forty-two West Lane.

Right ... And is that in Exeter?


And can you give me your mobile phone number? oh double seven nine two, four three oh nine two one.

Right. Now, the next thing is, when are you available to start work?

I finish college on the eighth of June, that’s in three weeks’ time, but I can’t start work till the eleventh because I’ve got a hospital appointment on the tenth of June.

No problem. Now I need to ask you a few questions about the type of job that might be suitable. Do you have any particular kind of work in mind? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get work in the field that you want, but I can record your preferences.

Well I’d do anything, and I have worked as an assistant animal keeper before, when I was still at school. But I’m studying at a catering college now, and I’d really like to get some experience as an assistant cook if possible.

Right. So that’s your first choice. Have you done that kind of job before?

No. But I’ve helped my aunt sometimes - she runs a cafe in Exeter.

Mmm. Would you say you’ve got any relevant skills then?

Well I’m used to using the kind of equipment you usually find in a kitchen.

OK . And I know you’re still studying, but do you already have any qualifications related to that kind of work? A hygiene qualification, for example?

I haven’t, no, but I’ve got a certificate in food-handling. I did it before I decided to become a full-time student.

Fine. OK. That means you wouldn’t need any specific training if you did get the kind of work you wanted. But you’d have to do a short course on First Aid. All our new employees do that. It just takes half a day, and most people find it generally useful.

Oh yes, I’m sure it is.

Well that’s about it, really. Just one last thing - can you give me the name of someone who would give you a reference? Like a previous employer or ...

Oh yes, you can put Dr Ruth Price.

OK ... Is that one of your college lecturers?

She’s my college tutor. She’s known me for over two years, and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. In fact she’s given me a reference before.

Fine. We’d probably contact her by phone - do you happen to know her number?

I’ve got it on my phone - yes - it’s oh two oh eight, six eight five, double one four. That’s a landline.

Good. Well. As I say, I can’t promise anything, but I’ll pass your application on and you should hear in a few days. Is there anything else?

Just one thing - I suffer from a particular type of colour blindness, and sometimes employers have to make special arrangements for that.

I’ll make a note of that. It won’t be a problem, but it’s good that you’ve made us aware of it. You can provide us with more details if you are offered a job.

Thanks very much. Bye.



Questions 1-10

You will hear a woman calling an animal park to enquire about a job.

Complete the form below.


 Pinder’s Animal Park



Enquiries about temporary work 

Personal Details:  
Jane 1
Answer: Lamerton    Locate  Listen from here
2  Exeter 
Answer: 42 West Lane    Locate  Listen from here
 Telephone number:
Can start work on 3
Answer: 11th June    Locate  Listen from here
Work details  
 Preferred type of work:
Assistant 4
Answer: cook    Locate  Listen from here
 Relevant skills:
Familiar with kitchen 5
Answer: equipment    Locate  Listen from here
 Relevant qualifications:
A 6 certificate 
Answer: food-handling    Locate  Listen from here
 Training required:
A 7 course 
Answer: First Aid    Locate  Listen from here


Dr Ruth Price
Answer: tutor    Locate  Listen from here
 Phone number:
Answer: 0208 685114    Locate  Listen from here
Applicant has a form of 10
Answer: color blindness    Locate  Listen from here

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