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You will hear a psychology undergraduate describing the research she is currently doing on expertise in creative writing.

Complete the flow chart below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Expertise in creative writing

Background - researcher had previously studied 1
Had initial idea for research - inspired by a book (the 2  of a famous novelist).
Posed initial question - why do some people become experts whilst others don't?
Read expertise research in different fields.
Avoided studies conducted in a 3 because too controlled.
Most helpful studies-research into 4 e.g. waiting tables.
Found participants: four true 5 in creative writing (easy to find) and four with extensive experience.
 Using ‘think aloud’ techniques, gathered 6 data from inexperienced writer.
(During session - assistant made 7 recordings).
 Gathered similar data from experienced writers.
 Compared two data sets and generated a 8 for analysis
(Identified five major stages in writing will be refined later).
 Got an expert 9 to evaluate the quality of the different products.
 Identified the most effective 10 of stages in producing text.

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