Solution for: Occupations and places

Answer Table

1. student 3. mountains
2. sea 4. village

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Exam Review

Occupations and places

Examiner Can you tell me what you do, Hanan? Do you work, or are you a student?

Hanan Yes, I’m a student. I'm studying medicine because I want to be a doctor. At the moment, I’m studying English as well because I hope to do part of my degree course in Australia

E And where do you come from?

H I come from Muttrah in Oman.

E Can you describe Muttrah a little bit for me?

H Yes. It’s quite a large city by the sea and also near the mountains. It’s very beautiful and very old. It’s very hot in the summer, but the winter is usually very pleasant. Also, Muttrah is an important port.

E Can you tell me what you do, Kwan? Do you work, or are you a student?

Kwan: I’m a student. I’m studying economics at Chonju University at the moment.

E And where do you come from, Kwan?

K I come from a small village near Chonju in Korea.

E Can you describe your village to me?

K Well, it’s in the mountains. The people work as farmers and they are very friendly It’s a good place to live, but not much happens there.

Questions 1-4

Listen to two students answering these questions and complete the notes in the table below.


Write no more than ONE WORD for each answer.








Answer: student    Locate  Listen from here

Muttrah, Oman

 by the 2
Answer: sea    Locate  Listen from here

and near the 3
Answer: mountains    Locate  Listen from here


student   a small 4
Answer: village    Locate  Listen from here

near Chonju, Korea



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