Solution for: Riverdale Pre-school

Answer Table

1. keogh 6. 470
2. 15 7. farm
3. garden 8. toy
4. music 9. pillow
5. story 10. 0914638520

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Exam Review

Riverdale Pre-school

Good morning, Riverdale Preschool, Sally speaking.
Hello, My name is Robert.I've got a four year old daughter called Susie and I'd like to get some information about your preschool, please.
Sure, Robert.Well, Susie is the right age.We take three and four year olds in classes of 20 students.
Oh, great.And how many teachers do you have?
We have two.The first group is taught by Mrs.Oliver and the second group is taken by Mrs.Keogh.
Just a moment, I'll write that down.
Could you spell the last name, please? It's an unusual one, isn't it?
Yes, it's K-E-O-G-H.
Okay, I've got that.
Now, I know the children attend for two or three days a week.
That's right.
The older ones, like Suzy, are here for three days, which means 15 hours a week.
The younger ones, the three year olds, attend two days a week.That's a total of 10 hours
And what do they do during that time?
Well, half the day is spent outside and the children can run around and play games with their friends or do a calmer activity like painting, for example.
We have a great outside play area that we're improving all the time.
Yes, we were walking past the other day and Susie noticed you've recently put in a new slide, haven't you?
Yes, we're really pleased with it.
It's a big one and the children love it.
And are you thinking of adding anything else outdoors?
Well, we were hoping to build a playhouse, but that was too expensive.
So we're now making plans for a garden where the children will be able to grow flowers and vegetables.
Lovely.And what else do the children do?
Well, the other half of the day is spent indoors .
This year, the children seem to be very interested in music, so the teachers are doing a lot of activities related to that.
Last year there seemed to be more of an interest in dancing.
Well, Susie would love either of those.
The teachers may sometimes play quiet games with the children, but we always make time for a story each day.It's a very important part of the program here.
Yes, of course.
Now I'd like to ask you about the fees, if that's okay.
We actually had to put them up this term, I'm afraid.
Yes, I heard from a friend of mine that it used to be $420 for the term, but it's just gone up to $470.Is that right?
Yes, we had to add the extra $50 to cover costs.
Things got a lot more expensive last year.
I understand.
And I think the fees are still quite reasonable.
Another school I've spoken to charges $500 per term.
Oh, really?
My friend also told me that his daughter went on a trip to the local zoo and that the cost of that was covered in the fees.
Is that right?
Yes, we did that last year.
But we'll be going to a farm this year instead.We vary it so for example, we may go to the theater next year.
Okay.Sounds like fun.
Also included in the price is membership of a special library.
Children can borrow a toy and keep it for a week and choose a different one the following week.
It's very popular.
What a great idea.We would certainly make use of that system if we enroll now.Is there anything else I should know?
Well, the children have a rest here during the day and we make up a little bed for them with sheets and blankets.
But we advise parents to pack a pillow in the child's bag as we don't provide one.
Okay, I'll make a note of that.
So what should I do if I want to come and look around the school during the day and meet the staff?
The best thing is to call the teacher on the classroom mobile and she'll tell you which time is best to visit.
Shall I give you the number?
Yes, please.
Okay.It's 091-463-8520.
Thanks for all your help, Sally, and we hope to see you soon.
No problem.
Bye for now.

Questions 1-10

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Riverdale Pre-school


Children:                        20 in a class


First group - Mrs. Oliver

Second group - Mrs. 1
Answer: keogh

Hours &Days: 

Suzie will attend 3 days a week for a total of 2
Answer: 15



Outside time

  • running, playing, or something quieter
  • just got a new piece of equipment
  • intend to make a 3
    Answer: garden


  • this year, 4
    Answer: music activities are popular
  • they hear a 5
    Answer: story every day


Now costs 6 $
Answer: 470 per term 

Fees include:

  • a trip to a 7
    Answer: farm this year
  • chance to take home a 8
    Answer: toy every week

Do not forget:

  • Put a 9
    Answer: pillow,   in Suzie’s bag
  • Arrange a visit; phone number: 10
    Answer: 0914638520       

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