Solution for: Customer Order

Answer Table

1. 692411 6. 10 packs/10 packets
2. Rainbow Communications 7. (coloured) floppy disks/computer disks/discs/disks
3. white 8. (a/one) wall calendar
4. two/2 boxes 9. (a/new) catalogue
5. light blue 10. before 11.30/not after 11.30/by 11.30

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Exam Review

Customer Order

Recorded voice: Thank you for calling Millenium Office Supplies. If you would like to place an order, please press one. Your call has been placed in a queue. A customer service operator will be with you shortly.

Woman:    Gina speaking. How can I help you?

Man:     Oh, hello - I'd like to order some stationery, please.

Woman:    And who am I speaking to?

Man:     John Carter.

Woman:    Right - can I just confirm your account number and the name of your company, John?

Man:     Sure! The account number is 6 9 2 4 double 1

Woman:    Six nine two four one one. Right, and you're from 'Rainbow Computers?'

Man:     No. The company is Rainbow Communications

Woman:    Oh, OK, I'll just fix that on the system ... communications. And what would you like to order, John?

Man:     Envelopes. We need a box of A4 - that is, normal size envelopes

Woman:    White, yellow or vanilla?

Man:     We'll have the plain white please - but the ones with the little windows

Woman:    OK ... One box - A4 - white - just the one box, was it?

Man:     Urn, on second thoughts make that two boxes. We go through heaps of envelopes. As a matter of interest. Are they made from recycled paper?

Woman:    No. You can't get white recycled paper. The recycled ones are grey and they're more expensive actually.

Man:     Right - we'll stick to white then.

Woman:    Something else, John?

Man:     Yes, we need some coloured photocopy paper. What colours do you have?

Woman:    We've got purple, light blue, blue, light green - whatever you want, pretty much. There are 500 sheets to the pack.

Man:     Let's see ... we're going to need a lot of blue paper for our new price lists so can you give us ten packs, please. Make sure it's the light blue though ...

Woman:    Ten packs of the light blue. Anything else that we can help you with?

Man:     Let me think ... what else do we need? I'm sure there was something else.

Woman:    Pens, paper clips, fax paper, computer supplies, office furniture?

Man:     Oh, yes! We need floppy disks - do you have those nice coloured ones?

Woman:    Yes, but they're a bit more expensive than the black ones.

Man:     That's alright. I'm not paying, anyway!

Woman:    Right. Floppy disks. And what about diaries for next year? We've got them in stock already and it's a good idea to order early.

Man:     No - I think we're alright for diaries but something we do need is one of those big wall calendars - you know, one that shows the whole year at a glance. Do you stock those?

Woman:    We certainly do.

Man:     OK - can you include a wall calendar then, with the other stuff. Just make sure it's got the whole year on the one side.

Woman:    Sure - and do you have a copy of our new catalogue?

Man:     No, I don't, but could you send one.

Woman:    Yes! I'll pop one in with the order. You'll find it a lot easier to remember what you need if you have our catalogue in front of you next time.

Man:     Yes, good idea. And when can you deliver this?

Woman:    Should be with you tomorrow morning.

Man:     Can you make sure that it's not after 11.30am because I have to go out at 12 there's only myself here on Fridays.

Woman:    Fine - I'll make a note on the delivery docket that they should deliver before half past eleven. Thanks very much.

Man:     Thanks.


Questions 1-6

Complete the form below.





ORDER PLACED BY:            John Carter

Answer: 692411    Locate  Listen from here

Answer: Rainbow Communications    Locate  Listen from here 



Size        A4 normal

Colour     3
Answer: white    Locate  Listen from here

Quantity  4
Answer: two/2 boxes    Locate  Listen from here

Photocopy paper

Colour     5
Answer: light blue    Locate  Listen from here

Quantity  6
Answer: 10 packs/10 packets    Locate  Listen from here


Questions 7-9

List THREE additional things that the man requests.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.   

Answer: (coloured) floppy disks/computer disks/discs/disks    Locate  Listen from here   

Answer: (a/one) wall calendar    Locate  Listen from here   

Answer: (a/new) catalogue    Locate  Listen from here             

Questions 10

Complete the notes.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for your answer.

Special instructions: Deliver goods 10
Answer: before 11.30/not after 11.30/by 11.30    Locate  Listen from here         

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