Solution for: News Headlines

Answer Table

1. E/F/H 7. school children//boys
2. E/F/H 8. 3
3. E/F/H 9. boats//pleasure crafty/boats and pleasure craft
4. 250 million/250000000 10. pilot
5. roads//road system 11. (musical) instruments
6. too late

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Exam Review

News Headlines

This is the 6 o’clock news for Tuesday 25 November. And first the headlines: 

The Prime Minister has promised to help the drought stricken farmers in the  northern part of the country who haven’t seen rain for nearly two years. And in Sydney a group of school children are successfully rescued from a plane which landed in the sea shortly after take-off. Transport workers are on strike in Melbourne over a pay claim and the strike looks set to spread to other states. And on a fashionable note, there s to be a new look for the staff of QANTAS, Australia’s national airline.

The Prime Minister has pledged today that he will make two hundred and fifty million dollars available to help the drought stricken farmers who have not seen ram for years, get through the next five years. Money that was to have been spent on the re-structuring of Sydney’s road system has been re-allocated to what the  Prime Minister described as 'a more worthy cause'. Farmers are to receive financial assistance to help see them through the worst drought in over 50 years. Many farmers feel that while the money is welcome it has come too late to save them and their farms from financial ruin and are angry that the government did not act sooner.

A group of school children who were travelling in a privately chartered aeroplane from Sydney to Queensland to take part in a musical concert found themselves swimming for the shore when their aeroplane had to land in the sea just three minutes after taking off from Sydney airport. The pilot managed to bring the aircraft and its 50 passengers down safely in the calm waters of Botany Bay where boats and pleasurecraft were able to come to the rescue of the boys. 

The fact that it was a weekend meant that there were hundreds of boats in the bay enjoying the good weather and this undoubtedly helped the rescue operation. 'We owe our lives to the skill of the pilot,' said one of the boys, but the pilot replied modestly that it was 'all part of a day’s work'. However, all their musical instruments were lost and they never got to play at their concert. 

Questions 1-3

Tick the THREE other items which are mentioned in the news headlines.


A Rivers flood in the north


Money promised for drought victims

C Nurses on strike in Melbourne

D Passengers rescued from ship

E Passengers rescued from plane

F Bus and train drivers national strike threat

G Teachers demand more pay

H New uniform for QANTAS staff

I National airports under new management

1. Answer: E/F/H    Locate  Listen from here
2. Answer: E/F/H    Locate  Listen from here
3. Answer: E/F/H    Locate  Listen from here

Questions 4-11

Complete the notes below by writing NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS in the spaces provided.

The Government plans to give 14. $
Answer: 250 million/250000000    Locate  Listen from here to assist the farmers. This money was to be spent on improving Sydney’s 5 but has now been re-allocated.
Answer: roads//road system    Locate  Listen from here

Australia has experienced its worst drought in over fifty years. Farmers say that the money will not help them because it is 6
Answer: too late    Locate  Listen from here

An aeroplane which was carrying a group of 7
Answer: school children//boys    Locate  Listen from here was forced to land just 8
Answer: 3    Locate  Listen from here minutes after take-off.

The passengers were rescued by 9
Answer: boats//pleasure crafty/boats and pleasure craft    Locate  Listen from here. The operation was helped because of the good weather. The passengers thanked the 10
Answer: pilot    Locate  Listen from here for saving their lives but unfortunately they lost their 11
Answer: (musical) instruments    Locate  Listen from here

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