Solution for: Lost Property

Answer Table

1. A 6. Prescott
2. C 7. 41
3. D 8. Fountain
4. D 9. 752239
5. C 10. 65

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Exam Review

Lost Property

R = Receptionist

W = Woman 

P = Police Officer


R:    Good evening, City Police Station. Can I help you?

W:    Oh hello, I’d like to report a stolen briefcase, please. 

R:    Just a minute and I’ll put you through.


P:    Lost property. Can I help you?

W:    Oh, yes. I’ve had my briefcase stolen.

P:    OK ... I’ll take some details ... Tell me what it looks like, first of all.

W:    Well ... it’s a soft leather one, you know, not a heavy box-type like a man’s.

P:    Mmm ... and how does it close?

W:    It’s got buckles at the front ... two of them They’re gold-plated ones. 

P:    Fine ... Was it locked?

W:    No, I’m afraid not.

P:    Never mind. Any distinguishing features?

W:    Pardon?

P:    Any marks or badges on it that make it stand out?

W:    Only the brand name.

P:    And where’s that?

W:    It’s on the back ... at the bottom in the left-hand corner. It’s Sagi. Oh and  there’s a scratch ... it’s quite bad but small ... directly above the brand name. I did it recently putting it on my bike.

P:    Right, got that. So, what did you have inside the briefcase?

W:    Well all my papers from college. It’s so frustrating but, thank goodness for computers, I haven’t lost them completely!

P:    Yes, you’re lucky.

W:    I had my wallet in my pocket so I didn’t lose that but there were also my pens  which I got for my birthday and a novel I was planning to read on the train.

P:    Right. Where exactly did you lose the briefcase?

W:    Well ... I couldn’t believe it. I was standing on the platform ... it was right next to me.

P:    You were holding it?

W:    I’d just put it down on the floor but I could almost feel it beside me. I was  watching for my tram because sometimes it comes early and then next time I looked, my briefcase wasn’t there.

P:    And what time was this?

W:    Ah ... it was ... it must have been about 5.20 ... no a bit later. I’d say 5.30  because it was just getting crowded and the train normally comes at about twenty-five to six.

P:    Right, if you’ll just give me some personal details ...

W:    Yes.

P:    What name is it?

W:    I’m Mary Prescott.

P:    Can you spell that?

W:    Yes, it’s P-R E-S-C-O-T-T

P:    And your address?

W:    Flat 2, 41Fountain Road, Canterbury.  

P:    Fountain Road.

W:    Yes, number 41.

P:    And have you got a contact telephone number?

W:    Yes, it’s 7-5 double 2-3-9.

P:    7-5-double 239. Fine. One last question — what would you say the value of your briefcase is?

W:    Including the contents?

P:    Yes, Just a rough estimate is fine.

W:    I’m not sure. Well, the briefcase itself is quite new; I bought it last month for £40. I suppose about £65. The contents are worth about 20 or 25 pounds at least.

P:    That’s fine. Well, if you could come down to the station tomorrow, you can sign this form and have a look at what we’ve got here.

W:    OK, thanks. 'Bye.

P:    Goodbye.

Questions 1-5

Circle the appropriate letter.

What has the woman lost?
A a briefcase      C a handbag
B a suitcase D a wallet

1 What does her briefcase look like?


Answer: A    Locate  Listen from here

2 Which picture shows the distinguishing features? 


Answer: C    Locate  Listen from here

3 What did she have inside her briefcase?

A    wallet, pens and novel    

B    papers and wallet    

C     pens and novel

D     papers, pens and novel
Answer: D    Locate  Listen from here

4 Where was she standing when she lost her briefcase?


Answer: D    Locate  Listen from here

5 What time was it when she lost her briefcase?


Answer: C    Locate  Listen from here

Questions 6-10

Complete the form Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.




Mary 6


Flat 2



8 Road





Estimated value of lost item: (10) £

6. Answer: Prescott    Locate  Listen from here
7. Answer: 41    Locate  Listen from here
8. Answer: Fountain    Locate  Listen from here
9. Answer: 752239    Locate  Listen from here
10. Answer: 65    Locate  Listen from here

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