Solution for: Artist’s Exhibition

Answer Table

1. Royal Museum 6. coloured stones
2. Queen's Park Road/Rd 7. (white) paper
3. 10th Dec(ember) 8. Face to Face
4. metal work 9. pencil drawing
5. (garden) 10. all materials

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Exam Review

Artist’s Exhibition

Announcer: And now for some information on local events and activities. A couple of announcements for art- lovers and budding artists alike. First, a new collection of artwork is going on show to the public next month in the form of an artists' exhibition. The exhibition will include many different types of art ... over 100 different pieces, by 58 artists from the local area. It's being held at the Royal Museum which - for those of you who are unfamiliar with the area - is located opposite the library in West Street, right on the corner... the actual address is number 1. Queen's Park Road - it isn't difficult to find. The exhibition will run for 9 weeks and will begin on the 6th of October and continue until the 10th December. So there's plenty of time for you to go along and have a look and I'm sure that will be worth doing.

What will you see there? Well, amongst the items on display will be some exciting pieces of modern jewellery, furniture, ceramics, metal work and sculpture. To give you some examples ... Local artist Kate Maine will be there to discuss her collection of pots and bowls that she has made to resemble garden vegetables. They're the sort of thing that would brighten up any dining table, and range from things like yellow cabbage-shaped bowls to round tomato­shaped teapots. Prize-winner Cynthia Course, will also be there to talk about her silver jewellery, all of which she produced using ideas from the rural setting of her country home. Some of her rings are quite extraordinary and have beautiful coloured stones in them. Or if you prefer sculpture, there's plenty of that too. Take, for example, Susan Cup's sculpture of 25 pairs of white paper shoes. It sounds easy, but believe me it looks incredible! All of these items along with many others will be on sale-throughout the exhibition period.

As part of the exhibition, there will be a series of demonstrations called 'Face to Face' which will take place every Sunday afternoon during the exhibition and these will provide an opportunity for you to meet the artists.

The second set of activities are for those who would prefer to indulge in some artwork themselves ... the Artist's Conservatory are holding a series of courses over the autumn period. The courses cover all media and include subjects such as Chinese brush painting, pencil drawing and silk painting. All the tutors are experienced artists, course sizes are kept to a minimum of 15 and there will be plenty of individual assistance.

All the sessions offer excellent value for money and the opportunity to relax in a delightful rural setting. Fees are very reasonable and include the use of an excellent studio and access to the art shop which you will find sells everything from paper to CDs and they also include the provision of all materials. For more information on dates, cost and availability you should get in touch with the programme co-ordinator on 4592 839584 or go direct to the website ...

Questions 1-10

Complete the notes below.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.


Artist’s Exhibition

General details:

Place: 1
Answer: Royal Museum    Locate  Listen from here No. 1 2
Answer: Queen's Park Road/Rd    Locate  Listen from here

Dates: 6th October - 3
Answer: 10th Dec(ember)    Locate  Listen from here

Display details:

Expect to see:    crockery in the shape of 5
Answer: (garden)    Locate  Listen from here

silver jewellery, e.g. large rings containing 6
Answer: coloured stones    Locate  Listen from here a shoe sculpture made out of 7
Answer: (white) paper    Locate  Listen from here

Go to demonstrations called: 8
Answer: Face to Face    Locate  Listen from here


Artist’s Conservatory

Courses include:

Chinese brush painting

Answer: pencil drawing    Locate  Listen from here

silk painting

Fees include:

Studio use

Access to the shop

Supply of 10
Answer: all materials    Locate  Listen from here

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