Solution for: Moving Company Service Report

Answer Table

1. 94635550 6. a month
2. Clark House 7. A
3. University Drive 8. C
4. Monday 9. B
5. Thursday 10. C

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Exam Review

Moving Company Service Report

CLERK: Good morning, ma’am, and welcome to “Australia’s Moving Experience”! How can I help you?
WOMAN: Well, I... I hope you can help me. I’m so up in the air right now... I...
CLERK: Just calm down, now. Let me guess: you’re moving and it has you a little confused.
WOMAN: That’s it exactly. You see, I’m relocating to the United States next month and I’m having a hard time getting organised.
CLERK: Here, fill out your name and address, and let me ask you a few questions. Oh, what should I call you?
WOMAN: My name is Jane, Jane Bond
CLERK: OK, Jane, first of all, what’s your work phone number? In case I have any questions about things.
WOMAN: My work phone is 94635550. But please try not to call me too often there. My boss hates personal calls.
CLERK: So does mine, ma’am, so does mine. And what address should we ship your things to?
WOMAN: My new company is letting me stay temporarily at 509 Clark House, that’s C-L-A-R-K, 1137 University Drive in Seattle.
CLERK: Seattle? Beautiful city, I hear. Mountains right beside the ocean, almost. Cooler than Australia, too. OK, and when should we come pack your things?
WOMAN: I guess that would be on Monday, March 11th.

Do you want any help with an after-packing clean-up? We do that for a small additional charge.
Yes, that would be helpful. I promised the landlord I’d give her the keys back by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, the 14th. 
Great, we’ll just schedule the clean-up for that day. That way, the place will smell clean and there’ll be no dust.
Well, you do think of everything! Oh, how much is this going to cost?
Here is a list of our basic prices.
Oh dear, this seems rather expensive!
Yes ma’am, but you’re paying for the best. We’re careful and we’re fast. Like we say, the only thing we break are speed records getting you moved.
Well... maybe that’s so... Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you. I don’t want my furniture shipped with me. I won't be look­ing for an apartment till after I arrive in America. Would it be possible to put my furniture in storage here for a month, then have it sent along later?
Of course, we do that all the time. A couple of other things.

Here at "A Moving Experience”, we try to pack your things logically. We don’t just throw stuff in boxes.

Do you have any special requests? You know, things you want packed in some special place, so you know where to find them?
Like what?
Oh, I don’t know... Things like dishes maybe. Not to be rude, but you look like a lady who likes to eat.
Ahhh! Yes, I need my dishes and things where I can find them quickly.
Great. We'll put those dishes and cutlery in what we call the emergency pack. Can you think of anything else?
Ummm, I do have an antique tea kettle my great-grand­mother gave my mother. I wouldn’t want to lose that. So I guess you’d better put that in storage with the furniture
Grandma’s tea kettle with the furniture, got it! Say, how about things like your alarm clock? You don’t want to miss your plane on the big day, right?
Well, you certainly think of everything! Yes, that’s right. I'll also need my alarm clock where I can find it.
Fine, we’ll put that in your personal package. And of course, we'll give you a list of where we pack everything. So, all you’ll have to do on Thursday, the 14th is grab your luggage on your way out the door. Um, I couldn’t help noticing the new CD player you’re carrying. Is that a Samsung?
Why? Yes, it is. One of their best. Cost me nearly a hundred dollars, it did!
Do you want to take special care of it? I mean it’s brand new.
Take care of it, but nothing special. You can just put it in storage with the furniture.
That looks like everything we need here. I guess you’re all set.
That was certainly quick. Thank you, young man. This has been a most moving experience! 


Questions 1-6

Questions 1-6

Complete the form below.

Moving Company Service Report


Full Name:


Jane Bond

Phone Number:

Answer: 94635550    Locate  Listen from here

USA Address:

509 2
Answer: Clark House    Locate  Listen from here

1137 3
Answer: University Drive    Locate  Listen from here

Packing Day:

Answer: Monday    Locate  Listen from here


11th March

Clean-up by:

5:00 p.m.


Answer: Thursday    Locate  Listen from here

About the Price:

Rather expensive

Storage Time:

Answer: a month    Locate  Listen from here

Questions 7-10

Where does the speaker decide to put items in?

Write the correct letter, A, B, or C, next to questions 7-10.

A in emergency pack

B in personal package

C in storage with the furniture



7 cutlery and dishes
Answer: A    Locate  Listen from here

8 kettle
Answer: C    Locate  Listen from here

9 alarm clock
Answer: B    Locate  Listen from here

10 CD player
Answer: C    Locate  Listen from here

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