Solution for: Things to do before we go

Answer Table

1. hairdresser 6. taxi
2. tablets 7. Jefferey
3. sunglasses 8. 0777594128
4. lock 9. church
5. adaptor/adapter 10. 30th April

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Exam Review

Things to do before we go

 Our plane tickets arrived this morning ... it reminded me how much there is to do before we go.

Let’s write everything down shall we, so we don’t forget anything .

Yes. Last time we went away we almost forgot to collect our currency from the bank. So let’s start with that.

Good thinking. And wasn’t there an appointment you said you’d got to cancel?

Yes, the hairdresser ... Thanks for reminding me. Can you write that down too? The shop will be closed now, but I’ll do it first thing on Monday.

OK ... Then, starting on Tuesday we’ve got to take the tablets we got from the pharmacy. We really mustn’t forget to do that, we’re not protected against malaria till we’ve been taking them for at least seven days.

No, so that’s really important.

And what about shopping? There’s still a few things we’ve got to buy the next time we’re in town. We need some more sun block don’t we? We’ve only got that factor ten stuff - it won’t be strong enough.

I’ve already bought that. But what we do still need to get is sunglasses. The ones I’ve got aren’t good enough, and I don’t think yours are either.

OK ... I’ve noted that down. And I think I’m going to get another bag too. Just a small one. We always seem to come back with more things than we take!

Shall we get an extra lock for our suitcase as well?

Just in case the one we’ve got breaks. They don’t seem to last long.

Yes, they are a bit flimsy. OK ... Right ... Oh yes, and we need an adaptor for our electrical things. Your hair dryer and my shaver ... The plugs on them are bound to be the wrong type.

We could get one at the airport. They always have them there.

Well I’d rather get it beforehand, so I’m writing it down. And then I think that’s it isn’t it?

I think so. As far as shopping’s concerned. But we also need to order a taxi to take us to the airport. We should do that well in advance. My sister left it too late and she had to take the train - with that huge suitcase of hers!

I know, she really struggled with it ...

Now let’s see ... Your mother said she’d come in regularly while we’re away, so what do we want her to do? I’ll write some instructions and we can give them to her tomorrow. Good idea. Well ... the cat’s the main thing.

Feed ... the cat ...

We ought to leave her the vet’s details as well, just in case there’s a problem.

Yes. Have you got them handy?

Hang on, I’m just looking ... Yes. His name’s Colin Jefferey.

Is that spelt with a G?

Actually it’s J-E-double F-E-R-E-Y. Quite an unusual spelling, isn’t it?

Mmm. And his number?

Oh treble seven, five nine four ... one two eight. It’s a mobile.


And you should write down where it is - it’s Fore Street, not sure what number, but it’s next to the bus stop isn’t it?

That’s not a very good landmark, but it’s on the other side of the road to the church, so I’ll tell her that. Let’s hope she won’t need a vet anyway!

Yes. Right, apart from that there are the plants to water. Ask her to make sure they don’t dry out.

Oh yes, and I’ve already mentioned the problem with the boiler, and your mum said she’d come round to meet the heating engineer and let him in.

Yes. It’s a lot for her to do, but we really need to get the problem sorted out, and the earliest date I could get an appointment was April the thirtieth.

Isn’t it the day after we go?

Yes - we leave on the twenty-ninth. And she’ll have to hang around till the job’s finished. Oh well, she won’t mind I’m sure. She likes helping people out.

Yes, she does.

OK ... That’s it then I think. Unless you can think of anything else?

Not at the moment. Leave the list there and I’ll ...

Questions 1-10

You will hear a man called Tim and a woman called Laura discussing preparations for their holiday.

Complete the notes below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Things to do before we go


Collect the currency.

Instructions for Laura's mum

  • Feed the cat

Vet's details:

Name: Colin 7
Answer: Jefferey    Locate  Listen from here 

Tel: 8
Answer: 0777594128    Locate  Listen from here

Address: Fore Street (opposite the 9 )
Answer: church    Locate  Listen from here




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